Ice Cream Parlour ‘at risk of closure’ due to fears of collapsing building

Popular Ice Cream Parlour Fortes, may be forced in to closure after the news of Tudno castle hotel could collapse.


Ice Cream Parlour Fortes

Both main roads into Llandudno were closed with all traffic being diverted onto the promenade.


Tundo Castle Hotel

Conwy County borough released a statement following the closure of both roads entering the town, the spokesperson said: “The roads have been closed for public safety issues, remaining closed until the building has been secured.”

This was after builders on the site had reported ‘Historical movement’




Fortes update

Louie Forte, 18, son of owner David Forte runs the family business day to day, feels the future is up in the air and is hoping that it will be running back to normal in time for the extravaganza.

It has had a negative impact on the Ice cream parlour. – Louie Forte

He said “We are all just trying to be positive and hope everything can be sorted quickly.

“It has had a negative impact on the ice cream parlour, people can’t sit outside or even walk up Mostyn Broadway.

“It would be a great loss if we would have to close or move premises.”

 Reasons for Possible closure

  • Unsafe to open as Tudno castle hotel is 10 metres away from parlour
  • Been refused permission to use outside table and chairs
  • Cafe has already seen a negative impact on business
  • Busy Roads
  • Noise from building site


Fortes Ice cream parlour has been open and trading business for two years and has eight staff employed at the parlour. It opened in 2015 just five minutes from Fortes main Cafe/Restaurant in Llandudno town Centre.

The company has been making ice cream since 1926 and has been passed on from generation to generation, after 85 years.

What’s next for the Tudno Castle Hotel?

The Derelict building has been empty since 2008 and is under a £10m re-development.

They have appointed Bowmer & Kirkland as main contractors and work has now started to transform the site into a 63 bed Premier Inn, restaurants and retails units.

This will create more than 100 jobs on completion

History of the Tudno Castle

  • Mid Victorian Hotel
  • Originally two hotels, the Tudno Castle to N and Temperance Hotel to S
  • Grade II Listed building
  • Listed on March 16th, 1976.
  • Last amended on 6th June 2001
  • Has been empty since 2008
  • Set for £10m Development in 2013
  • Work started December, 2016.

Audio From Marc Williams With a brief update

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