Bangor student e-cig awareness after blazing fire

Connor Sproson, is out to raise awareness on cheap electrical goods from the Internet.

18 months ago, Connor who was 19 at the time, had a lucky escape after his electrical cigarette put his room in flames but feels more needs to be done to raise awareness.


The damage caused by the e-cigerette overcharging

“I am extremely lucky to be alive, 20 minutes earlier I was lying on the bed.” – Connor Sproson

Connor had put his electronic cigarette and charge before taking a nap. He woke up and decided to pop out to do some shopping.

 Connor said: “I was extremely lucky, if it happened 20 minutes earlier I would have been in the bedroom.

“I just popped out to the shop and returned to find the room on fire. It scares me thinking about how I could have been inside.”

What happened the night of the fire?

  • Connor plugged his e-cig on charge for 40 minutes
  • After waking up he popped to the shop and was out for 20 minutes
  • The e-cig had over charged and rebounded of the mug on to the bed
  • The room was on flames, with everything being ruined inside
  • 2 students were in the house but fire brigade were called immediately
  • No-one was hurt in the fire
e cig man

Connor Sproston using his e-cigarette

If your buying online, do your research.– Connor Sproson

18 months on

The e-cig that caused the damage was three pound off the internet and Connor says he has learnt a valuable lesson in purchasing cheap electrical goods online, “I know now to spend more money on these types of goods and make sure it’s from a reputable company.

“It is important for anyone buying online to do your research beforehand.”

Connor still smokes the e-cigarettes but is a lot more cautious when purchasing online and buys them from Electrovapes, which is one of the best in the UK.

“I just want to make more people aware of the dangers the cheaper e-cigs have.” Said Connor.

Jamie Halpin, 21 who works for the company Electrovapes in Liverpool said: “This has become a common problem with the cheaper e-cigs, as they have no power regulation.

“The more expensive ones can stop too much power going through at once.”

After working for the business for 3 years Jamie has seen many customers who have had similar problems. Jamie said: “We advise you to buy from a good company like ourselves or make sure the product is CE certified.”

In the lasst two years the fire serviuce have blamed more than a 100 fires on electircal cigarette chargers.

To register for a free home fire safety check, telephone the 24 hour free hotline on 08001691234 or visit

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