New SORN Laws prove costly for single mother

A single mother of two has been fined £300 and six points after failing to SORN her car.

Ebony Jones, 28, from Rhos-on-Sea, lost her non-guilty plea in court and received an added six points on to her license, for not providing a SORN for the off-road vehicle.


Car parked is Cysgod Y Bryn

I didn’t even realise I was doing anything wrong, until I received a court hearing– Ebony Jones

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Bangor student e-cig awareness after blazing fire

Connor Sproson, is out to raise awareness on cheap electrical goods from the Internet.

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Ice Cream Parlour ‘at risk of closure’ due to fears of collapsing building

Popular Ice Cream Parlour Fortes, may be forced in to closure after the news of Tudno castle hotel could collapse.


Ice Cream Parlour Fortes

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